Skincare Tips for Men

skincare tips for men infographic

Below are some of the top skincare recommendations I give to my male clients who are just starting out with a new skincare routine.

Wash face daily

Make sure you are washing your face every day, and not just in the morning. You should be washing your face every morning, as well as at night, and after exercising. This makes sure your skin is clear of dirt and debris and helps reduce breakouts and acne.


Moisturizing is a very important step in any skincare routine. Moisturizers can help prevent and treat dry skin, and can also protect sensitive skin, improve skin texture and mask imperfections. Moisturizing is also important for oily skin as it helps keep the skin from overproducing oils.

Know your skin type

Using skincare products formulated for your skin type is an important part of every skincare routine. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, be sure to use products formulated specifically for your skin. Unsure of your skin type? Check here to learn your skin type.

Use a single blade razor

There’s no need to go for the most expensive razor blades, as single razor blades do the job just as well and with less irritation to the skin. They also have the added benefit of helping exfoliate the skin to help slough off the skin’s top layers of dead skin cells.

Wear sunscreen daily

Sunscreen isn’t just necessary for those long days on the beach, it is actually a necessity in anyone’s skincare routine as it helps protect the skin from a variety of skin concerns. Learn more about what excessive sun exposure can do to the skin. Be sure to wear sunscreen daily and reapply regularly throughout the day for max protection.

What products should I use for my skin?

If you’d like for us to take a look and see which products may work best for your skin, we offer complimentary consultations! You can schedule your complimentary consultation online today, and we look forward to joining you on your skin care journey!



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