Does IPL Photofacial work?

In short, yes. The IPL Photofacial is an incredibly effective treatment in helping reduce unwanted dark or brown spots on the skin in addition to excess skin redness. As a matter of fact, roughly nine in ten patients reported that the procedure was worth the cost in a recent RealSelf survey. Patients who struggle with sun damage, unwanted freckles, or rosacea all are ideal candidates for this procedure. As with most skin treatments, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.

According to one of the RealSelf reviews, “I had a small amount of sun damage and redness on my face and neck that I wished to have reduced. The IPL PhotoFacial was a quick, easy, comfortable treatment that produced a visible improvement in all these areas within days for me. The redness around my nose is all but gone. The sun damage spots are visibly reduced or gone, and the results on my neck were even more dramatic than my face. I’m so glad I had the laser facial and may have another treatment just to attempt to fully get the sun damage spots on the left side of my face. Here’s before and after 1 treatment.”

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